Friday, September 17, 2010

So I heard you like programing?

If indeed it is true, and you are interested in programming, then I'd like to show you Code Blocks. If you've never heard about it before, then have I got news for you! Code::Blocks is a free C++ IDE built to meet the most demanding needs of its users.It is designed to be very extensible and fully configurable. It's very versatile and easy to use.Built around a plug-in framework, Code::Blocks can be extended with plug-ins. Any kind of functionality can be added by installing/coding a plug-in. For instance, compiling and debugging functionality is already provided by plug-ins! Get Code::Blocks here.

I would recommend getting the binary release for new users and whatever suits you if you know what you're doing.
Also for those interested in guitar programs, tabs or actually learning to play guitar I might have something in store for you in the next days.


  1. i tried C++ once and I just gave up lol

  2. I gave Python a go, what are your thoughts on that?

  3. i know c++ a bit :D ok. i can make simple and medium programs :D whit it :D

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  4. @JackHorrison I tried Python, as far as the language goes, it's pretty nice. It cuts down a lot of time when it comes to debugging and programming in general. The fact that it has an open source license also adds to it's utility. It's very easy to use, effective, simple but efficient. Also, if I remember correctly it has some very extensive standard libraries.

  5. Thanks for the info, will check it out

  6. I know only C :(

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